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Welcome to my personal site

Wel-come to my personal site. I developed this site to share my knowledge and host my softwares. I have uploaded some of my software and hope you will like them.

Download and try them. Its completely free.

If you have any problem using my software or found bugs please, inform me.

And please, please please don"t hesitate to post your comments, suggestions or questions regarding my site and software.

Recently added software:

Nepali Calendar v1.1 (For Android) (Updated)

Description: Nepali Calendar is the android version of Nepali Mitibar. Nepali Calendar includes:
- Calendar with Public Events and User Events Manager
- Date Converter
- Loadshedding Schedule
- Loadshedding Schedule with Nepali Date Widget
- Nepali Date Widget

It is light weight (about 230KB) in size with very low memory footprint and system resource usage.
If you find any bug or error please, let me know. I will try my best to solve them.

NOTE: If you have installed Nepali Calendar v1.0 in your device please uninstall it before installing v1.1 otherwise Loadshedding schedule may not be displayed correctly.


Nepali Calendar

Date Converter
Nepali Calendar

Loadshedding Schedule
Nepali Calendar

User Events
Nepali Calendar

Loadshedding with Date Widget
Nepali Calendar

Nepali Date Widget
Nepali Calendar

PasswordBook v1.0.0

PasswordBook v1.0.0

Description: PasswordBook is a portable and simple application without any complexities which allows you to store your valuable passwords and notes securely using DES encryption. No installation is needed, just download 'PasswordBook' extract it in a folder and run.

NOTE: Some antivirus detected PasswordBook software file as virus. Thus I have uploaded a new file. Please, download the PasswordBook software again if your antivirus detected the previous file as virus.

Screen Shot (Main window)
PasswordBook - Main Window

USB Write Protect 2.0.0

USB Write Protect 2.0.0

Description: This application allows you to protect valuable file(s) containing in your USB storage devices from accidentally modified or deleted and prevents unauthorized user from connecting their USB Storage Devices and copying your valuable files.

Key features:

USB Write Protection

Protects valuable file(s) containing in your USB storage devices from accidentally modified or deleted.

USB Device Lock

It maintains the privacy by preventing unathorized user from connecting USB storage devices to your computer and copying your valuable files

USB Device Autorun Control

USB storage devices are the one of the major sources of virus and other malicious programs. It protects your computer from viruses and other malicious programs by disabling USB Device's autorun function and preventing them from automatically running and transferring to your computer.

Password Protected Settings

You can protect your protection settings by password and prevent unauthorized users from changind your protection settings.

Screen Shot
USB Write Protect - Main Window