CipherPad is a lightweight yet robust plain text editor application designed with security in mind. With its user-friendly interface and powerful encryption features, CipherPad ensures that your sensitive documents remain confidential and protected from unauthorized access.

Make CipherPad as default app for handling ".ctxt" file type by right clicking on any ".ctxt" file you created then click on "change" in "Opens with" sectin and choose CipherPad as default app.

Key features:
Simple Text Editing: CipherPad provides a clean and intuitive text editing environment, allowing users to create, edit, and format plain text documents effortlessly.
Triple DES Encryption: Your documents are encrypted using the highly secure Triple Data Encryption Standard (Triple DES) algorithm. Triple DES applies the DES algorithm three times to each data block, significantly enhancing security compared to single DES encryption.
Password Protection: Access to encrypted documents is protected by a user-defined password. Only users with the correct password can decrypt and view the contents of the document, adding an extra layer of security.
File Management: CipherPad allows users to create, open, save, and delete encrypted text documents with ease. Documents are stored securely on the user's device, preventing unauthorized access.
Lightweight and Fast: Despite its powerful encryption capabilities, CipherPad remains lightweight and responsive, providing a smooth and efficient text editing experience.

CipherPad is the ideal solution for individuals and organizations that prioritize data security and confidentiality. Whether you're drafting sensitive documents, storing passwords, or jotting down confidential notes, CipherPad offers peace of mind knowing that your information is protected by state-of-the-art encryption technology. Download CipherPad today and experience the ultimate combination of simplicity and security in plain text editing.

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