FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) about USB Write Protect


How does USB Write Protect works?

‘USB Write Protect’ protects USB storage devices (ie. pen drive, memory cards etc.) from being written, modification and deletion of data and files in it by modifying windows registry.


Does protection work if I plug in USB storage device to other computers?

No, the protection will only remains in the computer in which it is enabled and will not work if you take the USB storage device and plug it into other computers.


The windows shows ‘The device is write protected’ message even after I disabled the write protection.

Then your USB storage device is physically damaged which is the common problem and can not be repaired by the software solutions like USB Write Protect and the only alternative is to replace it.


Does it work in all version of Windows OS?

Yes, but if you are using Windows Vista or newer version of Windows (i.e. Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10), you need to run USB Write Protect in Administrative Privilege by right clicking on the program icon and clicking on ‘run as administrator’ to work properly. (See help in USB Write Protect for more details.)


What if I forget the password?

Write comment mentioning that your forget your password, I will send you the steps to reset it.


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