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Nepali Calendar is a BS (Bikram Sambat) Calendar for android smartphones. It provide you with the information on important days, events and festivals in attractive way in Nepali language. I have tried to embed most of the useful and essential tools and feature such as Date Converter, Load-shedding Schedule, Forex, Share Price, Gold/Silver Price etc. in it.

The following picture shows an overview on general use of Nepali Calendar


Nepali Calendar

  • Displays dual date (between Bikram Sambat 1990 and 2100 inclusive)  in calendar format indicating holidays (Days in red color) and user events (Blue circle at top-left of the day).
  • You can navigate through the year and month by taping on up-arrow (˄) button and down-arrow (˅) button and go to today by taping on calendar button.
  • Taping on Year and Month button allow you to go to specific year and month.
  • Long taping on a day in calendar allows you to create user event for selected date and long taping on user events list allows you to edit/delete selected event.
  • Buttons and menu on Action bar provide access to other features and tools such as Date Converter, Forex etc.

Side-bar-menu (App Drawer)


  • User Events – Displays user events and allows you to delete, backup and restore it.
  • Load-shedding Schedule – Displays group-wise load-shedding schedule
  • Date Converter – Converts dates from AD to BS and BS to AD
  • Forex – Displays Foreign Exchange Rate of Nepalese Rupees (Source:
  • Gold/Silver Price – Displays Gold/Silver Price
  • Share/Stock Price – Displays NEPSE Share/Stock Price of listed companies (Source:
  • Update Public Events Data – Updates with the latest public events data.


User Events Management

Nepali calendar is equipped with the user management tool which helps you to keep track of your personal events with event title, description, notification, category, color etc.


To create user event,

  • Long tap on a day on calendar or select a day on calendar and tap on ‘+’ button.
  • Displays a create event dialog
  • Enter event information as necessary and tap and ‘Create’ button.

To edit user event,

  • Long tap on one a item in user event list and choose ‘Edit User Event’ from shortcut menu.
  • Displays an edit event dialog.
  • Edit event information as necessary and tap on ‘Update’ button.

Viewing user events


  • Tap on menu > User Events.
  • Choose year and/or month and/or day and click on show to view user events.
  • Tap on menu

User Events menu description


  • Backup User Events – Backs up user events database to SD Card.
  • Restore User Events – Restores user events from SD Card.
  • Delete all events before the date – Deletes all events before the selected date.


Date Converter

Convert Date from BS to AD and AD to BS


Tap on Year, Month and Day button to select then tap on BS -> AD or AD -> BS to convert date.


Load-shedding Schedule

Displays group-wise load-shedding schedule with remaining time in attractive way.


Load-shedding Schedule menu description


  • Update – Update schedule with the latest data if available.
  • My Group – Default load-shedding schedule group. The load-shedding schedule widget uses this group to display schedule.
  • Time Format – Sets schedule time format (AM/PM or 24 Hour).


Forex (Foreign Exchange Rate)

Displays latest foreign exchange rate of Nepalese Rupees. The application auto-updates the exchange rate if new data is available. You can refresh exchange rate by taping on update button whenever you want.



Gold/Silver Price

Display Gold and Silver prices in Nepali Rupees. Taping on update button will refresh the prices with latest data.



Stock/Share Price

Displays Share/Stock Price of companies listed in NEPSE. Tap on update button to view latest prices if the update button doesn’t work, tap on force update button in menu. You can filter and view only required company by entering partial company name in search text box and taping on search button. Tap on Sort button to sort data as required.




Allows you to change various application settings.



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