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Virus Remover is a software that detects virus or malicious files by its checksum. Virus Remover detects virus or malicious files by comparing checksum of file with checksum stored in virus definitions database. You may add as many as CRC checksum of malicious files using Virus Definition Dialog Box  But the file size is limited to maximum of 2 megabyte because larger file size slows down the scanning process. Virus remover can only remove stand alone virus or malicious files. It cannot remove virus attached in another file. And also it does not run in background to protect your computer system from viruses or other malicious activities. You have to run it manually to scan for viruses.

You can update virus definitions yourself as required.
To update virus definition:


  1. Open Virus Remover.
  2. Click on ‘Virus Definitions’ button.
  3. A Virus ‘Definitions window’ will be displayed.
  4. Give the file name or drag file to File Name text box which you think as a virus or malicious file. (File must be less than 2MB in size.)
  5. Click on ‘Generate code’ button. (A CRC checksum code will be generated for the file.)
  6. Give the name for the file.
  7. Click on ‘Add Virus Code’ button.
  8. Virus Remover will now add the selected file as a virus in its virus definition file.


If you have Virus Definition Update file, just double click on the file to update virus definition.

Now you can scan for the virus which you have just been updated.

Points to remember when scanning for virus.

Size Limit:

Less ‘Size Limit’ will make virus scanning fast but Virus larger than the size specified in ‘Size Limit’ will not be detected.

File Type:
Specify the type of files for which you want Virus Remover to scan for. Seperate file types by semi-colon(;). (Double click on ‘File Type’ label to get most common malicious file types: *.exe;*.com;*.pif;*.cmd;*.vbs.).
NOTE: Virus Remover will not scan the file that you added as a virus in the virus definition (for Example: Sample.doc) unless you have specified the file type (*.doc) in ‘File Type’ text box.

Tools Menu Features:

Scan Memory
Scans System memory (RAM) for viruses. (If Virus Remover detects a Virus loaded in Memory (RAM) it will immediately kill the virus process and displays as virus on detection list.)

Scan For Autorun Files:
Scans your disks for Autorun files (Autorun.inf). Autorun.inf files resides on root directory of drives which will automatically active when you double click on the drive to open.

Clean Registry
Once your computer is infected, virus modifies you registry to hide itself from you. Like disabling Task Manager, Control Panel, Folder options etc. hooking executable file (So that when you open executable file virus will automatically run). Clean Registry command will reset the system registry to normal.

Unhide Folders
Generally virus hides folders stored in pen drive or other removable drive and creates its instance as the same folder and when we open the folder thinking its a actual folder, virus will be run and infect your computer. Unhide folder command unhides the folder hide by virus.

Running Process
Running process displays the processes running in background and allow you to kill unsafe/malicious virus like processes. It also displays virus process in different color.

This tool allow you to modify various registry settings.

Restart Explorer
Allow you to kill and restart Windows Explorer.

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