Nepali Mitibar

Nepali Mitibar is a free software with integrated Nepali Calendar (with public events and holidays), Date converter (AD to BS and vice-versa) and Age/Date Calculator. Unlike previous version, it is completely based on Unicode, so you don’t have to install any font. Very tiny in size (less than 300 KB).

Try it out and have fun…

Go to downloads page to download Nepali Mitibar.

Click here to download android version or install from Google Playstore.

If you have any comments/suggestion, leave it to the comments.

Changes Log

Version 3.1

  • Misc. Events added in Calendar.
  • Mitibar ‘Font Size’ option added in Settings.
  • Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 3.0

  • Completely redesigned and rewritten in Microsoft .NET technology.
  • Unicode based.
  • Age/Date Calculator feature added.
  • Public events and holidays information added in calendar.

Screenshot (Mitibar)

Screenshot (Mitibar with menu)

Screenshot (Calendar with public events)

Screenshot (Date Converter)

Screenshot (Age/Date Calculator)

Screenshot (Settings)


  1. Overall, the Nepali Calendar, Date Converter, and Age/Date Calculator are all excellent tools that provide valuable information and assistance. Highly recommended!

  2. this software is very helpful and convenient for work. But couldn’t download in my computer. Please give me suggestion.

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