Privacy Policy

This privacy notice describes the Privacy Policy of At I collect some information about you when you visit my site. This privacy notice states in detail how I deal with my visitors’ privacy. I do care about your privacy and this statement is to certify that I will not use your information for any unethical usages, and I will try my best to protect  your information from any kind of wrongful events. By visiting, you are accepting my privacy policy and terms of use.

What kind of information I collect?

I collect various kind of visitors’ information. These includes, but not limited to those user submitted information that you post manually with any kind of forms I provided. I may use such information for my private needs, but it is confirmed that I will not sale or share them to any third parties for any kind of unethical practices.

General visitor information:

General visitor information includes IP address, browser versions, visiting time, visiting duration, referring pages, outgoing pages, etc. These are solely collected for the analysis purposes with the help of few automated scripts.

Cookies: Whenever you visit my site, I will store little information in your system in the form of small cookies. These are used to locate your visits and other preferences to serve you with related contents during your visits. I use third party advertisement platform to serve you advertisements based on your preferences. For this purpose they may store and collect cookies in your browser. I cannot guarantee fair usages of such cookies as those are served with third parties, whom I trust. Still you can report me if you find anything unethical going on with such third parties, and I will do my best to get rid of them.

Name and email addresses: I collect your name and email address in my comment form and newsletter subscription form. With this privacy statement I confirm that these won’t be used otherwise. I care your privacy as you do for yourself.

I collect email addresses through my Email Subscription service. I will use this email to deliver my newly published posts directly to your inbox. Other than this, I will never use your email id provided through the subscription form for any other kind of conversation. Through this Privacy Policy I can assure that your email id will never be shared/sold to any third party under any circumstances.

Through the Contact me form I collect my visitor’s name, email address, website details and few lines of personal comments. Through this Privacy Statement, I assure that I will never use your details for any kind of inappropriate conversations. However, you may receive a reply sometimes, which will solely resemble to your comments. Your details will never be disclosed publicly or sold to third parties.
Comments to a Post:

If you submit a comment to any of my posts/articles, you’ll need to provide few personal details. This Privacy Statement assures that your email id provided there, if applicable, will not be used by me/sold to third parties. Your email id is always safe with me.

Advertisements: I serve advertisements from my different business partners. In such cases, I generally sell/rent (actually monetize) some spaces of my site which they use for their ad placements. These advertisement contents are the properties of those respective third party advertisers. Therefore, if any point of time any misleading advertisement causes any kind of harm to my visitors, I won’t be responsible. Still you can contact me stating the matter so that I can deal with such advertisers. It is obvious that I always try to avoid such misleading advertisements which can cause any kind of harm to the visitors. For further informations regarding my advertiser’s privacy policy, please see their site.

Site transfers: At any point of my journey, if I sell my business, then all user submitted informations along with my own contents may be transferred. These are the points where the ownership of my site will be changed. For such cases, I cannot guarantee that the other party will be binding to this privacy policy.