PasswordBook v1.0.0

PasswordBook v1.0.0

Password Book is a lightweight and reliable software designed to offer you a secure storage place for usernames and passwords. It is useful when you own multiple accounts, with different passwords, that you need to remember. Additionally, you may also create important notes and keep them private.

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Password Book enables you to create a collection of passwords associated to various accounts, and keep them safe from prying eyes. Whenever you create an account, either at the bank, with an email service or for online payment, you are recommended to choose a password that you can remember and not share it with anyone.

Most services require that you set a complex password, that is many times difficult to remember. Password Book allows you to write down passwords and account details that you need in order to access your private books, while offering you a protected environment.

With Password Book you can easily write down credentials for multiple accounts, sort or edit them. Moreover, the software prompts you to set a password that grants you access to its interface, the first time you open it. This way you only need to remember one password, that allows you to access the collection of account credentials.

Each account profile enables you to store your username, password and an associated URL or email address. Moreover, you can add custom notes, in case you need to remember important particularities regarding each account. All the profiles are displayed as a list, in the software’s main window. The passwords are always hidden, so in case you need to transfer them into another program, you can easily copy them to clipboard. The password is automatically cleared from clipboard when you close Password Book.

Password Book is simple to use and offers you a secure storage place for your account credentials. The software applies a double protection to your collection, by hiding the characters in the password fields and adding encryption to your credentials list. The application uses DES encryption in order to protect the list of passwords.

NOTE: Some antivirus detected PasswordBook software file as virus. Thus I have uploaded a new file. Please, download the PasswordBook software again if your antivirus detected the previous file as virus.


  1. Hi,
    Can you help us to update in Windows 8.1 & for above Version.
    I used to use your product a lot and It’s very much helpful.
    If you ask us to pay also we will pay you using esewa/connectips etc
    for the product.

    Mohd. Niyaj Siddiqui

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