USB Write Protect

USB Write Protect v2.0.0

This application allows you to protect valuable file(s) containing in your USB storage devices from accidentally modified or deleted and prevents unauthorized user from connecting their USB Storage Devices and copying your valuable files.

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Key features:

USB Write Protection

Protects valuable file(s) containing in your USB storage devices from accidentally modified or deleted.

USB Device Lock

It maintains the privacy by preventing unauthorized user from connecting USB storage devices to your computer and copying your valuable files

USB Device Auto-run Control

USB storage devices are the one of the major sources of virus and other malicious programs. It protects your computer from viruses and other malicious programs by disabling USB Device’s auto-run function and preventing them from automatically running and transferring to your computer.

Password Protected Settings

You can protect your protection settings by password and prevent unauthorized users from changind your protection settings.


See also: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about USB Write Protect


  1. I already downloaded a program but the pop up showed me that USB device auto-run is disable.
    How can i fix it to be enable?

  2. hi mr naresh, can u modif your aplication usb write protect if click close button (X) automatic make usb port is protect, i want make usb port is protect by default so if someone want to used usb port they must run your aplication usb protect after they used when they close usb write protect automatic usb port is enable protect

  3. Hello! I tried but i did not accomplish anything. I have 8GB HP USB. How can i remove write protection from it? Please help 😀

  4. hi
    I have download the USB Write Protect 2.0.0 but it is demanding password for open. kindly help me. Thanks

  5. hello
    i have a problem,…. when i download it and open it …….it required password to login
    what is the password????????

    1. USB Write Protect should work in all version of windows, if disabling USB Write Protection from USB Write Protect software doesn’t work then your pen drive is physically damage and can’t repaire with software solution.

  6. I have the following problem:
    Windows10. On Many PCs.
    I use your program to write protect one (1) USB stick.
    Now ALL my USB ports and ALL Sticks are WRITE PROTECTED.
    Your should make your program so it ONLY protects the USB drive you want.

    Best regards
    Gert O., President GoCom

    1. Thanks for your suggestion but USB Write Protect uses option provided by windows registry to write protect USB Storage devices which doesn’t allows to protect only a single or selected devices.

  7. dear
    i have an Flash USB kingston 8 GB.
    i don’t know it is protected. many software i have used for in-protection,
    but always i have failed.
    its show me “This disk write protected” at the time of formatting.
    kindly tell me the solution.

    1. If your operating system shows the message that your pen drive is write protected while copying, deleting or modifying the content of your pen drive then your pen drive is write protected.
      If you have tried USB Write Protection tools to disable the USB Write Protection but it still doesn’t work for you then try your pen drive in other computers, if other computers also display the same “write protected” message then your pen drive is physically damaged, which can not be repaired by the software solution and the best alternative is to replace your pen drive.

      1. so your Software can damage the pen drive ? i use your software and that happen, my pen drive always write-protected in any computer, so why you didn’t put warning on your software ?

        1. USB Write Protect application modified windows registry values to prevent OS from writing files to USB storage device, it does nothing to your pen drive or any other storage device.

  8. Could you help me how to format write protected USB flash drive using your software.
    I have flash drive which needs format but when I want to format it it gives me an error ” The disk is write Protected. ”
    So please kindly help me it really necessary for me to find a solution way.

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